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In the recent years, our country has witnessed recent developments and advances in the field of Science and Technology, and the Health care sector has been on the fast track and the right path to benefit from it and to bring medical care of high standards and accuracies. The high end state of art diagnostic and curative medical equipment till so far available in the western developed countries are now available here to provide early diagnosis and faster regimes for the treatment of patients. Prakash hospital at Noida in the National capital region (NCR) is fully.

Dr. Vijay Singh Chauhan, Chairman & Managing Director

The Science

Grass Assesses Your Lifesyule and genetic factorsTo calculate the risk
of Types 2 Diabetes

Helth, Diabetes
And Grass

More than 382 million are known Diabetics globally and same number could be unknown or Pre-Diabetic. You could be the next Victim of Diabetes (risk may be increased multi fold, if either mother...
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Diabetes cuts
life short

A diagnosis of Diabetes means losing a few years from your expected life span. Heart diseases are more likely to get developed in Diabetics than non-Diabetic. Most people with...
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have 3 or more

• Excessive thirst ?
• Increased Urination in Day and/or Night ?
• Do you repeatedly crave for food - Your
hunger has increased ?
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