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Branding is the sum of a company's identity. It combines logo, colours, templates, tone of voice and much more that collectively establish a Brand's image in the market.

Branding occupies the most prominent position in the promotion strategy needed to build certain perception among buyers towards the brand. Branding process is a mix of marketing techniques and strategies that enhance brand's access and promote sales.

Sepia possesses high expertise in Branding activities. We are efficient in using latest promotion strategies chalked out through intensive market research so our advertising penetrated hard and makes greater impact every time. We adhere to our principles of originality, innovation and creation while keeping eye on our Target Group (TG) and parallel advertising too. Our writers, designers, artists and market strategists work in coordination to propel a brand to the next level.

Our Steps for Effective Brand Creation

  • Sepia Advertising takes every step precisely towards brand building through well-researched and market-oriented strategies. Our clients from different sectors have been taking advantages of our branding services for promoting their businesses.
  • At Sepia, we begin branding exercise with creating the brand name and logo that reflects the nature and vision of the business. The logo is explicitly strengthened by corporate colour scheme, defines the brand and business. For establishing a brand, we take steps to add more recall value and retention power. We ensure timely publication of the creative print ads, visually rich brochures, informative templates, appealing radio spots and TVCs that catch customer's attention.
  • One of biggest erected outdoor media created for Golf Link, the life-sized bottle of brand Bail Kolhu, MVL - Three letters & a beautiful world and Omaxe – Turning dreams into reality, are some of our stunning branding works that created buzz and withstood times.

Advertising that Sells

Sepia believes in strategically planned advertising in order to achieve maximum response. We offer both traditional advertising services - print, radio, TVCs along with interactive and new media advertising to meet a broad range of contemporary marketing objectives.

Creativity at Sepia begins with intense brainstorming. First of all our team of strategists ponders what makes a customer make a decision for purchasing and at the same time what wean them. Our understanding of human perception/ psychology, market behaviour and design is a critical component of advertising development process.