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With advertising, we can get your product selling but the right media placing can earn it credibility that cannot be purchased anywhere.

One of the strongest assets of Sepia Advertising is the skills of the agency in media planning and buying. We focus to help you achieve advertising goals. Our media planners undertake specific market research programme, combined with marketing wisdom in order to persuade target customers.

We identify media tools that will be most profitable for our clients. In addition, our targeted planning is aimed to garner expected response through newspapers, magazines, direct mailers, billboards, cable, radio and television.

Each brand demands unique planning, so the promotion medium cannot be common. The branding and advertising services at Sepia vary in terms pattern, medium and innovation. We delve deep into the brand's psyche and carve out a unique path through which it can conquer the final frontier.

The steps of media planning

  • Competition Study - We analyse media activities by the competition and their effect on our brand and market.
  • Planning Guidelines - We set media objectives that best reflect the category and brand requirements, blending it with existing research database.
  • Media Plans - We develop focused media strategy for our clients as a whole, based on advertising objectives along with ideal budget.
  • Portfolio Management - We develop customised media plans to fulfil national and local marketing needs.

Sepia frequently involves media groups, channels and client's recommendations into media planning and buying process.