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Good Public Relation services are an integral part of Branding and Advertising solutions. Our PR services will tell you what you need to hear instead of what you want to hear.

The targeted Public Relations activities can popularise products and services manifold, and at the same time increase employees loyalty and earn well-deserved recognition for your organisation.

At Sepia Advertising, we set objectives of public relations in:
"Resolving the social conflict (it could also be the dilemma of the consumer to make a purchase decision) by communicating the messages, in the right way, to the right audiences, at the right time."

This takes a lot more than a series of publicity releases, stories or speeches. It is much more than organising events, distributing media kits, or organising press conferences.

Public Relations strategy differs with brand to brand. Sometimes a community meeting or editorial support works better than press releases; even a Facebook campaign can create a magic. It all depends on the nature and objectives of the job in hand.

Our creative approaches are pointed to solve problems and maximize opportunities for a variety of clients. Every campaign needs a particular approach that is where Sepia adopts a proven sequence of steps.

At Sepia, we analyse the situation first and have a mutual agreement on objectives with the clients. Next, we execute the various steps and services that comprise the plan. Finally, we complete an overall evaluation of the results.